Premium Rate

Voice and text Services

Pre-Record Service

Our pre-recorded service allows you to set up and host information services. Whether you are looking to provide simple announcements or complete information or interaction services, TipTelecom allows you to configure and record your services remotely, giving you the flexibility you need.

Data Capture

If you require help in managing a large volume of calls into your call centre, TipTelecom provide data capture service so you don't miss any of those important enquiries. The service allows you to set up a series of questions that your customer responds to by leaving voice clippings on our IVR. For example, callers responding to a promotion may leave their name, address and telephone that can then be retrieved during quieter periods and transcribed or downloaded over the phone.

Premium Rate is charging mechanism for a bewildering variety of content. Whilst we have many clients who generate a Premium Rate income stream from their own information they may also wish to add to this revenue by utilising our own managed services. For those of you who do not have your own content these managed services have a proven track record of generating healthy on going revenues. This works both ways and we have also successfully integrated on client content with another client website, to the benefit of all.

Entertainment Services

Gambling Sports Betting Services

TipTelecom provide both a Horse Racing Information services (the most popular premium rate service in this sector) and also a general sports betting information services covering any sport where your information can be provided to the custom without any delay. All sports betting services utilise top quality interconnects for fast delivery and full reporting..

Adult Entertainment Services

TipTelecom provide a range of premium rate adult entertainment services using content sourced from our wide range of partners. Adult Chat, Adult SMS, Text Chat, Text Dating, Soft Chat, Soft SMS Chat. Standards imposed by regulatory bodies are stringently adhered to.

Dating Services

Using fully managed IVR, users record their own voicemail message giving a number of key details such as the type of person they are looking for, location etc. Once the user’s message box has been vetted the user has the option of being sent a text message via their mobile phone each time someone matching their criteria rings in & leaves them a voicemail message.


Live Spiritual Readings

Skilled Experienced Readers

Using skilled and experienced tarot and psychic readers ensures that you see excellent average call durations.

Live Tarot allows callers to talk live with one of our experienced tarot readers and to choose from a three or five card tarot reading. Interactive Tarot is an IVR based service.

Callers are asked to enter their Date of Birth and then select either a 'three card' or a 'five card' reading. Interactive Stars is an IVR based horoscope service allowing callers to select a daily reading from a menu of star-signs.