Direct Billing

Automated Per Minute Invoice billing

Unique Billing Solution

TipTelecom offer innovative billing solutions that enable customers to easily access content by phone. From legal services and advice lines through to telephone entertainment services. The customer is sent an invoice based upon a per minute basis.

Customer Data

The direct billing mechanism improves customer retention and opens alternative contact and marketing routes for your company to use. Direct billing gives the customer a more personal service.

Competition Services

SMS Text VOting

Our voting application allows you to collect messages in a variety of formats to a single shortdial code using a keyword to identify your participants. Real-time voting pattern reporting is available on-line.

SMS Text Competition Service

We can launch competitions and voting services remarkably quickly. Competitions can be used as part of your overall marketing strategy to promote products and services and to build brand awareness. The competitive element and the chance for an instant win hold customers attention and help to increase customer loyalty.

SMS Polling

A poll can be used to hold a conventional vote or, for example in CRM, as either a feedback channel or as market research that provides an instant indicator of customer opinions.

Reverse Billing

Sell information direct

To your customers mobile device

Unlike premium rate telephone lines where you are reliant on the customer to ring each day the SMS content is pushed to the custom’s mobile phone whenever you place a tip.

Many customers prefer this as they do not have to call each day. Many mobile phones cannot access the premium rate numbers anyway.

Reverse Billed Premium SMS (PSMS) to mobile phones is an ideal way for selling information to your customers. To join your service the customer simply sends a KEYWORD to a dedicated short code.