Credit Card

SECURE PCI Compliant billing Services

Secure IVR PCI Billing

Seamless PCI compliant multi channel billing on any device or connection. IVR integrated billing platform clears payments on web sessions as well as by Call2pay over mobile. The solution fits multi channel multi device B2C environments and where eliminating non PCI complaint operatives who take card details is desirable.

App & Mobile Payments

Web2Clear is a web services solution for  mobile payments across all devices, networks connections and Wi-Fi.  The App and mobile payment solution manages all your PCI compliance to ensure your app is out of scope.  Web2Clear enables friction-less style billing for any card registered on the TipTelecom platform, allowing customers to select which card they wish to use and enter its CCV code.  Web2Clear can also be deployed on e- commerce platforms to provide unified customer recognition in any channel our clients sell into.


PCI Services for Card Payments

Security & confidence to clients

TipTelecom are an accredited PCI services provider who deliver a hosted or API PCI service for credit card clearing. Tthe merchant maintains control over branding of the secure pages. TipTelecom own and operate secure PCI compliant payment gateway that supports both telephone (MOTO) sales and customer not present digital sales. MOTO transactions are achieved via an automated IVR platform.


Manage Live Operator Payments via IVR

PCI standards are making it costly and risky to achieve PCI compliance when using live operators at terminals to manually enter payment data. Automated IVR is recognised as next generation solution for terminal payments. TipTelecom combine traditional payment gateways with IVR automated payments in one PCI compliant environment; this delivers a unique and scalable solution.


Tokenisation enables credit card data to be held on secure certified PCI infrastructure. A unique token or ID is return to the merchant to store against the customer record. Tokenisation enables seamless repeat purchases, both over web forms online and via automated IVR payments. 

APP Billing

Android | IOS | Symbian

Mobile BIlling

PCI compliant billing solutions for Android and other mobile OS are becoming a necessity for retailers looking to market in the multi channel.

Solutions can be deployed in App to take additional payments for upgrades or for products and services. Both Web2Clear and Call2Clear solutions are OS platform agnostic.

Both solutions require integration via a simple API. Call2Clear and Web2Clear enable repeat in App payments. Once a free App is loaded upgrades, products and services can be purchased via launching either Call2Clear or Web2Clear.