Why choose TipTELECOM?

Some of our core services...

Credit card services

PCI Compliant IVR Processing

Mobile Marketing

Direct to Device Marketing

Direct Billing

Direct mailed per minute invoice billing

We are a UK team of experienced telecom, IVR billing, mobile platform integration and telecoms marketing professionals. We own several closely integrated mobile telephone billing platforms that help our clients offer multiple premium telecom charging solutions and delivery methods for their mobile content and products.

9000+ Lines of IVR KIT

Interactive Voice Response server + VOIP Soft Switches

Payment processing, billing and invoicing via multiple telecom methods. 9000+ line capacity of Interactive Voice Response servers utilizing Soft Switches.


Credit & Debit IVR Card processing + Micro Billing

Custom designed software combined with fully PCI compliant hardware for secure IVR card payments..

Other Services

Premium Rate Services

Multi-tariffed premium rate telecom services, sms short codes and numbers. Choose your number range and tariff, drop charge or per minute billing. Subscription based, one in one out or multiple out.

Social Media Bridging

Moneitze social media interaction with you clients. In app billing. More info coming soon


Mobile Marketing

Data cleansing and list management.

Direct contact with your customers needs a considered delicate approach. We are experts in data cleansing and list management.

SMS Marketing is an indispensable tool allowing you to communicate cheaply and easily with your client base.